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It’s 1979. One individual is born and about to captivate the world by isolating themselves for identification.

The mission is for success, as what was found was not one, not two, but three new characteristics. But only one of which is described in a thesis as “the process of making known one's thoughts or feelings.” The rare characteristic was called Expressions.

People waited in anticipation for these entertaining discoveries of this element to become a catalyst for innovation.

Years go by with nothing but silence...... 

Fresh From The Presses!

Introducing the official Best Life Expressions merchandise and apparel online store! Your one-stop-shop for everything "expressing" yourself. Loaded with tons of Awesome swag for all of our incredible super fans.

If walking down the street strutting your stuff or showcasing what you love wasn’t already stellar enough -- you can now show your passion through your wardrobe! Check out what’s in store... specially those LEGEND TEES !!

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